Tuesday, 3 July 2018


I am delighted to reveal the cover of my brand new novel: Marley's Second Chance, available from 12th July 2018. Happy reading xx



When he is disfigured by a carriage accident, Marley doesn’t just retire to the countryside, he retreats from life. The haunting memory of his now ex-fiancĂ©’s reaction upon seeing his injuries warns him never to allow anybody close ever again, especially his new neighbour’s stunningly beautiful daughter, Anna. Keeping his distance proves tricky, though, when faced with Anna’s rather determined quest to involve him in village life whether he likes it or not. 

When strange events begin to happen around the house, Marley is forced to ask Anna about the house’s history. Is it haunted? Is someone trying to get to something inside the house? Or has his carriage accident done more damage to him than he realised? Whatever the reason for the odd goings on, Marley’s quest for the truth makes him start to reconsider his choices in life, and see Anna in a completely different light.

Will he be able to redeem himself when Anna finds out who he really is? Can he and Anna ever uncover the truth behind the mysterious sightings and spooky goings on around the house and village? Can Marley ever be accepted by the curious and wary villagers, who seem to have their own secrets to keep? Or will Fate, and his own ghosts from the past, stop Marley and Anna from ever finding happiness? 

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