Thursday, 21 June 2018


I am delighted to announce the release of Book One of the new Divine Club series: Double Entendre.

When Simone gets caught in a blizzard, the last thing she expects is to find herself in the hallowed halls of London’s most exclusive, and secretive, gentleman’s club: The Divine Club. If that isn’t shocking enough, she finds herself drawn to the mysterious co-owner of the club, Daniel Fernham-Wittingbourne. While she knows she must keep her distance from him, and ignore the burgeoning attraction she feels for him, a web of mysteries and deaths begin to unravel around and leaves her and Daniel fighting to uncover the truth.
When dead bodies begin to appear, Daniel soon realises that his attempts to rescue the stunningly delightful Simone from the weather has, in fact, placed her right in the heart of danger. One of the members is a killer, but which one?
Daniel and Simone swiftly find themselves in a race against dawn to catch the culprit, preferably before he makes Simone his next victim.  

The Divine Club, one of London’s leading private gentleman’s clubs, is a little boring. That is what several of its members think anyway - until one of their members is found dead, stabbed in the back by a decorative sword that had been hanging above the fireplace for years.

The men in attendance at the time embark on a little detective work of their own to try to find the killer. But, when another body turns up, they face a race against time to prove their innocence and keep themselves alive.

What none of them is prepared for is the daring adventures they are swiftly drawn into, and the surprising things they discover along the way. With a little help from a few wilful and adventurous ladies, the men are soon knee deep in trouble, and facing a series of crimes only the best of detectives can solve.

With a little help from an unusual match-maker, the men’s lives are thrown into turmoil, especially when keeping their bachelorhood becomes just as difficult as catching the culprits behind the series of misadventures, murders, and mysteries which plague the Divine Club.

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