Sunday, 15 April 2018


I am delighted to announce the release of the brand new Star Elite Series: Betrayal of Innocence, available now on Amazon and Smashwords. It will be available in paperback shortly. Happy reading xx

When the Star Elite receive news of a series of mysterious disappearances all over Derbyshire, they send several of their best operatives to investigate.

What Justin, Angus, Aaron, Jasper, Phillip, Niall, Oliver and Callum discover when they get there is a complex web of mysteries, numerous dead bodies, and several far too curious women who are embroiled in the deadly game of cat and mouse with the abductor.

The Star Elite quickly run into difficulties when they uncover a plot unlike no other they have ever faced. Innocent lives are at risk, especially when it becomes evident people are being snatched off the street, practically in broad daylight, never to be seen or heard from again.

Can the men find out what happened to the victims? Have they all been murdered, or is something else going on? Will they ever be able to capture the person, or people, responsible?

One thing is definite, with danger lurking around every corner, it is down to the Star Elite to bring an end to the destruction of so many innocent lives. But, with trouble following them every step of the way, will the men end up losing more than they bargained for? 

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