Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Star Elite are back! ** New Release ** New Release **

I am delighted to be able to announce the release of One Penny Surprise, Book One of the new Saved By Desires Series that marks the return of the Star Elite; back by popular demand.

The Star Elite are back with a vengeance when they are called upon to investigate a gang of pick-pockets running rife across London. Their connections to London’s most notorious gang master make the investigation tricky though, especially when one of London’s aristocracy is found murdered, and is discovered by a rather mysterious lady who appears to have quite a lot to hide.

Poppy Cleghorne is horrified by the downward spiral of her life she cannot stop being ruined further by her father’s selfishness. Determined to do one last deed for him before she leaves him to his own devices, she is left terrified when a series of unfortunate events leave her alone, in a park, with a corpse on her hands.

Challenged by a stranger who is rather too handsome for his own good, she runs for her life, but not before she implicates herself in a murder she didn’t commit. 

It isn’t too long before Luke finds the curious beauty again, but he struggles to get her to confide in him about the danger that surrounds her.

Unfortunately, matters are swiftly taken out of his hands when someone disappears, and several rather serious incidents happen which all point to Poppy being embroiled in one of London’s worst scandals. Before he can unravel the web of mysteries that surround her, he finds himself in a race for his life while trying to protect her from someone who wants her dead.

Will his desire for her be strong enough to withstand the very sinister challenges that threaten to tear them apart? Or will trusting her bring about his downfall?

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