Wednesday, 18 November 2015


When a series of gruesome murders appear to be linked, the Star Elite are called into investigate. Luke, Jeremiah, Brandon, Cooper, Barnaby, Joseph, Kerrigan, Connor, Jacob and Marcus suddenly all find themselves faced with a complex web of mysteries that take them to all corners of England. As they unravel the series of secrets, lies and red-herrings, their work brings them many hidden dangers, unexpected desires, and several intriguing mysteries along the way.
Unfortunately, all the experience in the world doesn’t prepare them for the battles that lie ahead. Battles that take them from the back streets of the most deprived areas of the country to ballrooms, bedrooms, and straight into the lives of several rather intriguing women who aid, abet, and hinder their intentions in the sweetest of ways.
Can they ever identify the person behind the series of jewel thefts that have thrown London into chaos? Will the murderer of several high profile members of society ever be discovered? Or will the ruthless gang of pickpockets that stalk London remain at large forever?
As they unravel the complex network of thieves, liars, and charlatans to ensure that justice is served, the Star Elite find themselves battling to keep more than their women. With the integrity of the organisation under the spotlight, they have to call upon the experience of several familiar faces to help them, but will Fate, and London’s most notorious gangster stop them anyway?
Come and join the new generation of the Star Elite as they embark on another series of adventures; where each man could very well be Saved by Desire.


Released JANUARY 2016
(See website for details –

Cover to be released on the first of every month via Facebook, Twitter, and on Rebecca’s website:

Book One – One Penny Surprise (Luke and Poppy)
Book Two – To Catch a Thief (Jeremiah ‘Jeb’ and Sophia)
Book Three – Mistaken Identity (Brandon and Jessica)
Book Four – A Scandal Most Daring (Cooper and Tahlia)
Book Five – Hiding Rose (Barnaby and Rosamund ‘Rose’)
Book Six – Reckless Desire (Joseph and Marguerite)
Book Seven – The Arrangement (Kerrigan and Brioney)
Book Eight – Hope’s Secret (Connor and Hope)
Book Nine – Runaway Groom (Jacob and Bethany)
Book Ten – May The Best Rogue Win (Marcus and Tabatha)

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