Wednesday, 19 November 2014


I am delighted to announce that Book 7 of the Star Elite series is now available to purchase.

Captive Surrender (The Star Elite Series Book 7)

Stephen's latest mission was always going to be difficult, but the last thing he expects is to find himself at the mercy of a house full of females. If his friends in the Star Elite ever got to hear that he had been rendered practically useless by someone as beautiful and determined as the delightful Prudence, and her sisters, he would never live the shame down.

Prudence is prepared to do anything to protect her family and make sure that they can continue to live at Cragdale Manor. Unfortunately, that means that she has to trust the handsome stranger who works for their arch enemy, Ludwig Levant.

Can his claims that he works for the secret government agency, the Star Elite, be believed? However much she doubts him, she cannot ignore the feelings he creates within her that no confirmed spinster should even think about.

With the threat of losing her home hanging over her head, can she trust her unexpected captive to help them, and surrender to the desire neither of them can ignore? Or is he the biggest threat of all?

Book 8 will be available at the end of November 2014.

Happy Reading x

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