Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Trolls, Reviews and Petitions

For anyone who has been published, whether by a publisher or self-publishing, many long hours of hard work are spent perfecting your creation before releasing it to the general public. As someone who has a wide variety of reviews, I appreciate open and honest comments on my work and read all feedback with interest. I may not agree with some of it, and in parts, some has been written in clear ignorance however, I strongly oppose trolls.

Unfortunately, I have recently just been targeted on by trolls for the second time who have issued a review that is nothing short of a deliberate attempt to sabotage a book that was previously selling well. I can only assume that it is another author out to jeopardise the opposition, and can only hope that Karma does the same to them at some point. However, without proof, there is nobody to address and this leaves the door wide open to trolls from all walks of life who can be as malicious as they please with no risk of come-back for their behaviour.

Amazon have proven less than fair in dealing with reviews that are questionable and more often than not refuse to remove reviews that are vague, even when the reviewer says they never bothered to read it, or even critique the book to identify what was wrong. This, as far as Amazon are concerned, is perfectly acceptable, along with the reviewer remaining anonymous.

Jane Browning?? Really? I can only assume the troll was in a rush because their imagination is dire if this is the best name they can come up with. Strange that this has never happened on any other site where my books are selling well. Just

Even if you haven't been targeted on Amazon yet, please support all authors who publish on Amazon and add your name to this petition. The more people that sign will hopefully push Amazon into taking notice and stop cyber bullying of authors in this way.

Who knows, the next time it could be you........

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