Thursday, 16 January 2014


As promised, the cover of the latest in the Star Elite series: His Lady Spy.

Facing marriage to a man just as staid and boring as her life, Portia Tinsdale wants just one adventure before settling down with a man twice her age, but when she witnesses a brutal murder her life is turned upside down in ways she had never imagined. 

He is certainly no knight in shining armour, but Archie is forced to step in and to prevent this intriguing young lady from becoming the killer’s next victim. Unfortunately, he doesn’t count on the dogged determination of this rather curious young miss who stirs his soul and makes him want things that have no place in the Star Elite. He doesn’t know which is worse, Portia’s wilful recklessness, her stubborn refusal to listen to reason, her penchant for landing herself in the worst kind of trouble, or his unwavering desire that could bring about her downfall.

Determined to keep her safe, from the murderer and himself, he has no choice but to find ingenious ways of keeping her busy, far away from the dangers of spy smuggling and French invaders. Even if that means that he has to stage a fake kidnapping to keep her out of harms’ way. As the dangers become increasingly real, the desperate need to protect her at all costs makes Archie realise that this is one kidnapee he may never want to release.

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