Friday, 8 February 2013

Bad Reviews

It is a well known fact that Indie authors can struggle to get reviews.  But are reviews really all that important? 

Indie authors have begun to put increasing emphasis on multiple reviews and often put their books up for free in the hope of attracting more reviews.  But surely this can lead to negative reviews from readers who have downloaded the book for free.  After all, it isn't as if they have actually spent any of their money on the book.

Someone who purchases a book will have read the 'blurb' and most probably a brief sample of the book before deciding if they wish to spend money on it.  They are more likely to sit down and actually read the book from beginning to end because it is something they paid for.  Someone who has downloaded a 'freebie', won't be bothered who wrote it, or whether they are really interested in the genre.   More often than not they downloaded the book because it was free and they want to load their Kindle up for no cost.  Does this give them the right then to give slating reviews on books they haven't purchased?

Bad reviews can be very difficult for any author.  Kobo have done a self-help article on bad reviews - I hope you find it useful.......

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