Sunday, 17 February 2013

Aaaaaahhhhhhh.......the creative muse!!!!

Ages ago (and I mean ages in like years), I wrote a plot-line for a story that just wouldn't leave my head.  Over and over it went until I just had to get it down on paper, which I did.

Happy that I had at least 'done my bit' and got the words down on paper, I was in the middle of writing Gallows Bride so didn't have the time (or inclination), to begin to write it as a manuscript.

I have recently sat down to write another book (having finished the Cavendish Mysteries series), and have come up with a similar plot to the plot-line I wrote ages ago.  Deciding I didn't want to write that particular story just yet, I began to write the new book only to hit a brick wall.

Can I write?  NO!  I have literally hit a brick wall.  The 'muse' just won't come.  I have about as much 'flow' as a concrete slab.  When I do write, it is like walking through treacle and I have left it, gone back to it, left it some more.  At this rate the book will be a retirement project!

Just out of curiosity, I sat down with the plot-line I wrote ages ago and am struck with a muse that 'flows' so much I now cannot bloody sleep, or leave the thing alone!

Now I have three books on the go!  A children's book that is being edited ready for publication at Easter.  The first book that is two thirds written and the new book that is flowing faster than everything put together!


I don't want to write this one just yet, as the story isn't something I am entirely happy with - but it is being written anyway.

I don't know if I am losing the 'plot' and need to re-think my own personal plot-line.

Ah the idiosyncrasies of us creatives never ceases to amaze me........

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