Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Journey Begins......

days to go until Cinders and Ashes is released.  Check out the blog yesterday for a small excerpt from the book.

If you haven't already read If You Were Mine, it is available from Amazon and Smashwords on all ebook formats and in paperback from Amazon.

If You Were Mine begins the journey of the Cavendish brothers as they meet the women who change their lives, and their opinions towards matrimony.  Whether they like it, or not.

The stories are based around Leicestershire and Derbyshire.  Derby Gaol features quite strongly in the books, and extensive research has been carried out to ensure the details included are accurate.  Please be aware that the series 'builds up' to a rather gritty story in Book Four.  It does make slightly uncomfortable reading in parts, and is classed as historical romance suspense story but has a wonderful love story throughout. 

To begin the journey from Book One will take you on an adventure through Regency England that is not to be missed. Only $2 each or £1.24, they are a bargain - so, what are you waiting for?

Other independent authors have read the book unsolicited, and given it 5 stars (although they are not allowed to leave official feedback on Amazon as it would be deleted) - so enjoy. 

My sincere thanks goes to Derby Gaol and the British Library for their help and assistance.

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