Wednesday, 9 January 2013

An Excerpt from Cinders and Ashes

  days to go until Sebastian is faced with a choice. Remain in the carriage with his kidnapper and die, or jump ......

An excerpt from the book: 

Feeling no sympathy with the smaller man’s own demise, Sebastian lurched clumsily to his feet.  He took several fortifying breaths as he studied the passing swirl of rain and shadows beyond the door.  The noise was deafening.  The horses thundered through the night unchecked.  The loud banging of the carriage against the hard track added to their panic, encouraging them on without mercy.  Rain drummed its rhythmic tattoo upon the roof, as the winds howled and swirled in icy fury.
Sebastian knew there was no way he could look out of the carriage door to check for trees before jumping.  He had a choice.  He could either die within the carriage with ‘Rat’, or die on the roadside.
Sebastian had only ever seen a carriage accident once.  The sight of the blood soaked interior was something that had haunted him for many months.  That, and the screams of pain coming from the surviving occupants who couldn’t be helped, before death had finally claimed them. 
Without bothering to look back, Sebastian Cavendish, Lord Torrington sent a silent prayer heavenwards, took a deep breath and stepped out into the darkness.

 Copyright Rebecca King 2013

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