Thursday, 20 December 2012

Whew - Christmas Shopping

Wow, that was scary.  Just took my life in my hands risking popping into the shops for some food.  I never knew old ladies could be so vicious with handbags (rubs painful spot on thigh from a particularly sharp pointy umbrella)!

I think I will go back to writing now - it's safer.

Well, still recovering from the Writers Christmas Party - what a laugh that was!  We had loads of famous people drop by (and some not so famous ones).   A very busy stationery cupboard.   Someone on their back under the Christmas tree and I don't know who kept feeding the dog sausage rolls but he is as hung over as the rest of us!

Thanks for Sally for hosting..........

So, back to writing.  I have just released my new novel IF YOU WERE MINE and it is now available on Kindle, Paperback and all good e-book readers.

Check it out.  I am currently working on the final proof of my second novel due out mid-January but right now, have to tidy my house up in time for the start of the Christmas holidays....

Meantime, have a good one - eat and drink plenty and most of all, keep safe xx

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