Saturday, 22 December 2012

Book Reviews - useful or not?

I have recently released my brand new historical romance on Kindle, paperback, and all other e-book readers through Smashwords. 

Having identified my book on the Amazon website, I took a peek at other books and their reviews out of curiosity and was surprised by some of the vastly differing reviews made on one book.

It raised the question:  Isn't a book review somewhat personal to the reader?

Writing a book is like having a child.  You create it, then nurture, mould it and watch it grow and develop into something wonderful yet quintessentially yours.  It is your baby.  Something that you can look at and say, "I made that!"  Eventually though, as your final edits are done, and the last checks on your cover complete, your pride is mixed with trepidation as you realise your 'baby' needs to be let out into the big wide world. 

Having your book published is the most exciting yet terrifying time in any new author's career.  Your 'baby' is released into the world and suddenly it is no longer yours.  It belongs to others.  Some of whom are going to love it.  Some of whom are going to hate it. 

Can you really read book reviews and make an informed choice on a book?  After all books are like people.  Each one is different.  Something that will appeal to someone else, may not appeal to you and vice versa.

I have grown up with the adage that you cannot please everyone all of the time.  There will always be that one person who loves to criticise just because they can.  They have never written anything in their lives, and probably couldn't if given a chance yet they feel free to slate other people's work because it doesn't appeal to them personally.  So should they be able to have any say in influencing the general public on their choice of book?

Do you go by book reviews?
What do you look for in a book review?
Have you ever had a book review put you off buying a book?  Would you?

Your comments/thoughts on book reviews is welcome....

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