Wednesday, 31 October 2012

ITIN Numbers for Authors

Having read all of the blogs and posts on how to get hold of an ITIN and the pros and cons of applying, I was somewhat confused and nervous about sending off my application.  By the sound of it, your chances of getting an ITIN are purely down to 'luck of the draw', if you are a UK author.  Having read copious amounts of forms and sub-forms and blogs I gave up and rang the London US Embassy.

When a Tax Specialist did deign to answer the telephone he was somewhat pompous and patronising however did discount practically everything I had read on the various author blogs.  Namely as follows:

You do NOT need to get a copy of your passport photograph notorized (at a cost of £80).
You DO need to send a colour copy of your passport photograph WITH your passport to the London US Embassy, along with your completed form. 
Unless you are completely stupid (which, if you are writing you most probably aren't!), then you should be able to fill out the W7 form without too much difficulty if you use the help sheet that is available with the form.

The US Embassy in London notorize your colour copy of your passport, check it against your passport, check your form is filled in properly before they send your application pack off to Austin, Texas.  My passport came back within 48 hours via Special Delivery, along with a letter confirming how to fill in your tax returns. 

Although I am still waiting for confirmation of whether I have been given an ITIN, as it has been checked and passed by a London Tax Specialist, there is really no reason why it should be refused.  This is practically what the man in London I spoke to said anyway, and I see no reason for him to lie.

Needless to say, it really is simple if you follow the instructions and are prepared to wait for the Government wheels to rumble into motion.

I'll keep you posted when I get a reply from Texas.

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