Thursday, 20 September 2012

Creative juices!

Oh boy, where do I start?  As a complete anti-networking person, it was difficult to get started with Facebook and Twitter.  It took me ages to get my head around Facebook, and even longer to understand how to Tweet, but I got there in the end (I think), with the kind assistance of Donna Fasano.  Getting everything linked together is a whole new journey - even I am confused to the different Twitter pages, Facebook accounts, Kindle Author logins, let alone Blogger!

With everything now up and running (mostly), it is time to network. When I have the time.  Which I don't.  But I should if I want to sell books!

My new book has now stumbled to a horrifying halt and my 'creative juices' have dried up.  While looking for inspiration I trawled the internet and 9 weird habits creative geniuses of the bygone days used to aid them in their endeavours.  Would it work?  Could it work?  I don't know but I am going to find out!

Starting the 1st October I am going to try each and every one of the 9 recommendations and will blog the findings.  So keep checking back to see how I get on.  Will they succeed in giving me the inspiration I need to finish my third book on time?  Or will my readers be left with their Kindles flapping in the breeze as they wait for the final installation in my trilogy?

My first trial is "Leonardo Da Vinci", and I think I will need some training to get started on this one.   

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