Thursday, 16 November 2017


I am delighted to be able to reveal the cover for my latest book: Catch A Falling Star, to be released on Monday 20th November. Hope you enjoy it. xx

Esther – Star – Knightly is as discontented with her life as it is possible to get. As a young woman without a fortune, or estimable connections, she has little to offer the world around her and knows it. While being chaperone to the Dowager Willoughby is the best position she could ever hope to get, Star knows she has little chance of having a life of her own but is helpless to do anything about it. That is, until Edgar Willoughby enters her life and throws her entire world upside down, and gives her hope and promises of a life she daren’t believe are real.
Ed knows he must do something about his growing attraction for his grandmother’s companion, especially when it becomes evident Star needs his help. When the rather dishonourable attention of a questionable gentleman puts her reputation at risk, Ed steps in to help her. What he doesn’t expect, however, is to face a series of daring situations that make him question everything – including Star. 
When faced with her scandalous past, Star knows she must convince the Dowager, and Ed, that she is trustworthy. Doing that proves impossible, however, when the truth about her is finally revealed, and she faces complete ruin.
Star’s only hope of survival is to leave all her dreams behind, including Ed, and start again somewhere else. What she doesn’t expect is for Fate to throw her one last cruel twist that shatters her world completely and leaves her facing an entirely different future which could destroy her.
Finding Star again is far harder than Ed ever expected, especially when he finds himself battling his own demons as well as his grandmother’s scheming machinations.
Has he made the biggest mistake of his life letting her go, or has he narrowly escaped disaster? Whatever the case may be, Ed realises too late that he cannot live without Star, and needs to move heaven and earth to find her again. What he doesn’t expect is to encounter the sinister intentions of a ruthless third party who makes it clear they will do everything in their power to ensure that Star and Ed never find their happy ever after.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

I am delighted to be able to release the cover of the new book in the Saved By Desire Series, The Arrangement, available from 31st July. Happy reading xx

Saturday, 27 May 2017


I am delighted to announce the release of Book One of my new To Honour A Wager Series: The Bet. It is available now from all e-book retailers and will be out soon in paperback. Happy reading xx

When five friends, Rufus, Elijah, Sam, Robard, and Myles, watch one of the most celebrated rogues of their time marry, a bet is placed. The stakes are high. Nobody can afford to lose.

The bet is to avoid marriage for the next twelve months. It sounds simple enough, but with desperate relatives and conniving and relentless matchmaking mamas determined to trap them at every quarter, and Fate throwing them in rather unusual and adventurous circumstances, the men realise that winning the bet is considerably harder than they ever imagined.

Myles, with his friends, places a bet. The stakes are high. Nobody can afford to lose. The bet is to avoid marriage for twelve months. Easy, right? The men think so, at least until Fate, and a series of adventures prove that winning is considerably harder than they ever imagined.

When Myles, the instigator of the bet, receives devastating news he has to abandon his friends and race home. What happens on his journey alters the course of his future and suddenly a lifetime is not enough to put right the damage he causes.

Estelle’s life is changed forever during one dark and stormy night, especially when she crosses paths with an arrogant oaf who seems to believe the countryside belongs to him. In a bizarre series of events, she is drawn into a dark and dangerous world of lies and subterfuge which makes seemingly innocent local folklore become something far more sinister.

Unable to leave Estelle to face the dangers surrounding her, Myles is drawn into a fight for survival. However, with more than his fair share of problems surrounding him, can he reach home before death takes its toll on a loved one, or will he have to face losing Estelle forever?

Whatever the case may be, this marriage wager may not all be what is expected by the men who make it, or the women who stumble into their lives. Can happy endings ever be possible for any of them, or does Fate have other ideas?

Friday, 7 April 2017


I am delighted to be able to announce the release of Book 6 of the Saved By Desire Series: Reckless Desire.

Horrified at receiving a proposal from the one man in London she would never marry, Marguerite leaves the scene and runs straight into the arms of Joseph ‘Joe’ Haversham, one of the Star Elite’s best undercover operatives.

It quickly becomes evident that Joe suspects she is not as innocent as she appears and is instead involved in helping one of London’s most notorious criminals commit his crimes. Determined to clear her name, Marguerite is drawn into a confusing mix of deceit and pretence that makes her doubt everything she sees and question everybody’s behaviour, including Joe’s.

Joe is coldly furious when he finds himself having to prove his innocence to her just to get to the truth. When he does, he demands something in return–something that at first, Marguerite isn’t prepared to give. When someone makes an attempt on her life, she has no choice but to go along with Joe’s proposal to capture the person responsible. Posing as Joe’s intended wife is just about as ridiculous as accepting the Count’s offer of marriage but, if it proves to Joe that she isn’t involved in any crime then Marguerite knows she must. In doing so though, she alters the course of both of their futures and quickly finds herself contemplating making the charade become a reality.

With his colleagues surrendering to the dubious delights of matrimony all around him, Joe is more determined than ever not to become one of them. Unfortunately for him, Marguerite has other ideas. Will she succeed in catching her man, or will Sayers finally capture one of the Star Elite’s most hardened warriors?

Happy Reading,
Rebecca x

Sunday, 5 February 2017


I am delighted to be able to announce the release of my latest novel: Hopeless Heart, available now. Happy reading xx

Georgiana Bentley is tired of having everybody tell her what to do. Her life is stifling, and she yearns to be free of it, especially when she learns that the man she has loved all of her life is marrying someone else. Determined to save herself the pain of having to attend his wedding, she eschews everything she has ever known and goes to live with her aunt.  Once there, she realises just how little she knows about herself and embarks on a series of adventures to try to find herself. What she discovers is that her problems have followed her.

Unfortunately, Will is less than appreciative of her adventures. Having followed her to try to persuade her to return to her parent’s house, he finds her in several questionable situations no lady should ever be in. When he challenges her over her behaviour, it quickly becomes evident that Georgiana is no longer the childhood friend he thought he knew. Instead she is an extremely beautiful, desirable woman he struggles to understand but desperately wants.

Is it too late to cancel his wedding, and marry the woman he truly wants? Or will duty and pride prevent him from ever finding happiness?

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Cover Reveal - Hopeless Heart

I am delighted to be able to reveal the cover of my new book, Hopeless Heart available next week. It will be available in paperback as well as in e-book. Happy reading xx

Saturday, 17 December 2016

** New Release ** New Release ** New Release **

I am delighted to be able to announce the release of Hiding Rose, Book 5 of the Saved By Desire Series. Happy Christmas to all of my readers. I hope you enjoy the book xx

Having witnessed another of his colleagues marry, Barnaby Stephenson is left to ponder the wisdom of his own choices in life. The last thing he needs is to have to babysit the Star Elite’s primary witness of the murders of two of London’s most hardened criminals. Tasked with hiding Rosemary ‘Rose’ Higginbotham, Barnaby quickly realizes that this seemingly delicate flower has a hidden side to her, especially when their lives are threatened.

When they find themselves hunted, their fight to keep Rose free of Sayers’ clutches takes them from the south of the country to the north. With each move, Barnaby finds himself losing another piece of his heart. This time, though, not even the safe houses and the support of his colleagues from the Star Elite can keep them safe.

When they are cornered, Barnaby and Rose find themselves fighting for more than their lives. They battle for a future together.
Left with no alternative but to put into action the Star Elite’s most audacious plan yet, Barnaby’s determination to keep Rose hidden may well lead him to capture not only London’s most notorious criminal mastermind but his very own bride.